Responsive Websites

Every website has different goals and different needs. Whether you just need some web presence so your customers can find you online, or if you need a larger, multi-page site, I can help.

A Smerk Design Website

I design all websites using WordPress.

Not familiar with web terms?

WordPress is an online software, used by 60 million people worldwide (over 29% of websites) that provides a blank container for your content. The content can then be styled and arranged using a theme. The benefit of WordPress is that it allows you, the site owner, to make your own updates when I’m done. With just a quick sign in, you instantly have access to the “behind the scenes” of your site to add content or make changes, without needing to know the slightest bit of code. Scared you’ll mess it up? That’s fine. I can even disable certain features for you, to make it fool proof.

With WordPress, I can create a website for you that’s beautiful, modern, user-friendly and crucially, accessible to you.

The Process

For those who don’t know much about how websites work, I’ll take you though how this will go.

  1. The first thing we need to do in creating a site is to register the domain. The domain is the address that people will find you by. In order to make sure that address leads to YOUR site, you need to claim it. There is a nominal fee associated with this. Usually about $20 a year.
  2. Next we need hosting. In order for a site to be accessible to people all over the world at any time of the day, a computer somewhere needs to store all the site content and send it out to whoever wants it. That’s where hosts come in. They’re companies with huge banks of servers (big computers) that let you store your site data on them, for a fee. For the average site, securing hosting usually costs around $7 a month. Or $125 a year. So in other words, to operate your site each year, it will cost around $150.
  3. To start the design of the website, we’ll sit down and talk about what you need. A quick one-pager with contact information and a summary of the services you provide? Or a multi-page site highlighting different aspects of your organization? We’ll discuss design influence, functionality, timeline, budget, etc.
  4. I design it. You supply me with whatever text and images you want on the site. I lay them out according to our plans, and make the content shine!
  5. We discuss the completed site and make any further changes needed.
  6. We launch the site! Congrats!
  7. I hand the site over to you and teach you how to make any updates or changes you may want. Too scared, or just really not interested? That’s fine, I can keep updating the site for you. Just send me an email with the changes required and I’ll get them done ASAP.
  8. You sit back and let your brand new awesome site do its job!